Summary: In Chicago, a traditional private eye by the name of Gabriel Knight is asked for help by Crystal Kane, to find out who framed her for Zone Dancing-illegal tapping into corporate computers by connecting people's minds into them. Having seen that Crystal was wearing a real droud (the skull plate allowing connection with computers), Knight seeks out Gibson, a former Zone Dancer who tells him about a dancer in the Zone named Neon who is reputed to have stolen data from Skyvault's computers. Meanwhile, Dr. Wu informs the Centurions that Megacorp, the company that designed Skyvault's beaming program, has had the program illegally duplicated by a Zone Dancer, who now has access to Skyvault's beaming files. Ace is sent to Chicago, along with John Thunder, who is specially recalled for the assignment. At Megacorp, Ace and John find Crystal stealing the data and wearing a droud. After escaping from her trap, they return to Skyvault and deduce that whoever stole the beaming program created a beam. Science lesson: "Computers" by Crystal.