Summary: A man claiming to be the deceased General Kenneth Harding accesses security files on Crystal Kane's former fiance, Colonel Charles M. "Chuck" Bates, who disappeared in a rocket explosion five years ago, and transmits the information to Doc Terror. General Harding was a hologram, and Terror also creates a hologram of Bates to lure out Crystal, while the Centurions are kept busy with Terror's forces on a space shuttle, Sealab and in Siberia. Crystal detects the wreck of Bates' old ship in Laos, and leaves Skyvault to find him. There she is captured by Bates' hologram and taken to Doc Terror. As the hologram of Bates begins to have second thoughts about assisting Terror, the Centurions stand ready to make their move and rescue their commander.

Science lesson: "Holograms" by Ace

Superhuman CenturionsEdit

Foreign namesEdit

  • Solo se ama dos veces - Spanish dub.