Summary: The Mesa Verde space testing station comes under attack by Terror's borgs. The Centurions arrive and battle his forces, but a nearby dam is destroyed, and a clifftop school pleads for help. Leaving Terror's forces to capture a new experimental space shuttle, the Centurions save the school, only to find it empty. Later, at a hearing, Centurions are blamed for causing property damage and suspended from active duty by Mr. Lomax on behalf of the World Council of Scientists. An investigation committee from the council look around Skyvault while the Centurions investigate the school's site. One of the committee members places a bomb on Skyvault at Terror's request, while the Centurions investigate the three committee members themselves. The Centurions must figure out who the real traitor is before Skyvault is destroyed by the bomb.

Science Lesson: "Natural Heating & Cooling" by Jake.

Error Xtreme: Animation and Script ErrorsEdit

  • When the Centurions are about to stop the dam deluge, Ace's Skybolt lacks of the Galactic Missiles, but when the three Centurions fire their weapons the Galactic Missiles are back.
  • If the Skyvault bomb detonated in space, how it was possible that the explosion was heard on Earth?

Superhuman CenturionsEdit

Foreign namesEdit

  • Traidor en el Skyvault (Traitor in Skyvault) - Spanish dub.