Summary: A weather control machine, the Weather Master, is under guard by the Centurions but is stolen by Doc Terror, with the help of Professor Storm, who can control tornados. An old friend of Max's, Isobel Trask, tells the Centurions about her suspicions of Professor Storm's involvement with the theft of the Weather Master, and Max goes to one of Storm's old warehouses to investigate. Max discovers that Terror wants Storm to create a giant tornado to destroy the Centurions' base, Centrum, in New York. Since no one knows exactly where it is, the tornado is made big enough to attack the entire city. The Centurions have to defend the city and destroy the living tornado.

Science lesson: "Tornados" by Ace.

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Errors of METEOROLOGY!Edit

  • In the spanish dub its obvious they can't tell the difference between a tornado and a hurricane, because they call the tornadoes "Huracanes".