Summary: Blaster McGraw, a baseball star with the Washington Lasers, and an old college friend of Ace's, is kidnapped just before the final game of the World Series. A gambling boss known as the Wheel is the primary suspect, and so Ace and Jake do some investigating in their time off. They find that Wheel does have Blaster hostage, and is working with Amber, Doc Terror's daughter. Ace manages to rescue Blaster from one of Terror's old bases and get him to the game on time, but Wheel decides to attack the Mega-Dome, and steal the game receipts. The Centurions have to stop him and ensure that the game can go ahead.

Science lesson: "Robotics" (a.k.a. "Robots") by Doc Terror.


Foreign namesEdit

  • El Tercer Strike (The Third Strike) - Spanish dub

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