The Sky is on Fire
Season One, Episode One
The sky is on fire
Air date April 7, 1986
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Battle Beneath the Sea

Summary: Doc Terror's forces successfully steal a cryogenic ray gun before causing a ferocious interstellar fire storm by igniting the Van Allen Radiation Belt. The Centurions storm Terror's fortress in Tibet to recover the ice ray gun before Doc Terror is granted the power to govern Earth in exchange for its use in saving the planet.

Science lesson: "Saturn's rings" by Ace.


  • First time in the series where the group pic of the Centurions appears on the episode title card, the same group pose was used on the closing credits of the whole series.
  • First appearance of Amber, Doc Terror's daughter.

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Foreign namesEdit

  • Hay Fuego en el Cielo (There's Fire on the Sky) - Spanish dub