Summary: Doc Terror is searching for the Doomstar, a powerful weapon from the late 20th Century, which was lost when the space shuttle carrying it crashed somewhere in the South Pacific. He finds it on Moku Island, but when they land, the natives, and their King, Alebi, mistake Hacker for the legendary Captain Steele, the commander of the downed shuttle. The Centurions detect Doc Terror on the island and investigate for themselves. Doc Terror manipulates the islanders into following Hacker's orders and the Centurions look finished, thanks to a smelling hallucinating drug. But with Hacker, disliking Doc Terror's plan to test the Doomstar on the Centurions and Moku Island, things don't go very well according to Doc Terror's plan.

Science lesson: "Waves" by Max.

Error Xtreme: Animation ErrorsEdit

Destroyed Communicator Watch CountEdit

  1. Ace's watch, destroyed by Ace himself under the influence of the hallucinogenic drug, as he thought the watch was a snake.
  2. The usual handcrush of Max and Jake's watches by Doc Terror.

Foreign namesEdit

  • El Regreso del Capitán Acero (The Return of Captain Steel) - Spanish dub