Summary: Doc Terror and Hacker are finally brought to justice when there cybernetic halves, Syntax and Legion, merge together and form a whole, and far more ruthless being called "Uniborg". It doesn't take long before Uniborg begins to succeed where it's predecessors failed, as it's vastly superior armies manage to hinder and even inflict critical damage on the Centurions.

Science Lesson: "The two halves of the brain" by Crystal

Extracanonical Science Lesson EvidenceEdit

  • Crystal Kane seems to had plenty of time to try to contact the defeated, close-to-death Centurions and give the science lesson, in other words, solid evidence of the "out of continuity" of the science lessons.

Foreign namesEdit

  • Una Mitad Poderosa - Primera Parte (A Powerful Half - Part One) - Spanish dub