Summary: The Centurions defend an Arctic base against Doc Terror's forces, but inadvertently uncover a frozen dinosaur which Jake discovers while out on his own after the battle. The dinosaur attacks the base and the Centurions attempt to stop it. Doc Terror observes the beast heading towards Dominion and captures it, intending to use it against the Centurions. Feeling sorry for the creature, Amber accidentally releases it. It then soon breaks out of Dominion with her and heads towards San Francisco, where the Centurions have to stop it and rescue Doc Terror's daughter.

Science lesson: "The polar ice caps" by Max.


  • The frozen dinosaur is considered as a mutant branch of the Tyrannosaurus Rex, although tyrannosaurids are known to have short arms and two fingers. However the additional fingers, longer arms and spikes on its head and back are part of the mutations suffered by this surviving T-Rex.
  • The "Tripodal pose" is based on the early reconstructions of the T-Rex fossils.

Error Xtreme: Animation ErrorsEdit

  • The size of the mutant T-Rex is constantly changing from small enough to fit in Dominion's corridors to a six floor building tall.

Foreign namesEdit

  • Terror en el Hielo (Terror in the Ice) - Spanish dub