Sky Knight is Ace McCloud's Basic Air Assault Weapon System; small, lightly armed jet pack like air assault system with forearm-mounted heat-seeking Stincel Missiles, a chest mounted Laser Bomb, Laser Cannon Pod, and a radar early-warning system on the jet pack that doubles as a laser designator for the laser bomb. The back pack has swing wings.

Foreign NamesEdit

  • Ráfaga Eter (Ether Gust) - Spanish dub


  • In some episodes, Sky Knight was appeared on the Sky Vault's computer screen as "Sky Night" instead of "Sky Knight".
  • Max Ray once used Sky Knight in the episode "To Dare Dominion, part I". He looked like a flying fish!
  • In the cover of the DC Comics' first issue of "The Centurions" comics, Sky Knight's engines are attached on Ace's legs rather than its wings. It could be an alternate assembly, but it was never featured on the cartoon show.