Summary: While conducting a training exercise, the Centurions come under attack from Doc Terror's forces. Ace is rescued by his old acquaintance, Cassandra Cross, the witch. The Centurions decide to attempt to duplicate her powerful abilities by studying her on board Skyvault. But once connected to Skyvault's computer, she turns off the defense systems and introduces herself as Lilith Cross, Cassandra's evil twin sister. With no defense systems operative, Doc Terror beams on board Skyvault. Ace manages to escape using the magical white rose given to him by Cassandra, and beams to Earth. He finds Cassandra trapped by Lilith's magic, and frees her. Together, they go back to Skyvault, and attempt to free the other Centurions.

Science lesson: "Medicine plants" by Crystal.


  • This was the second and last episode where Cassandra made an appearance
  • As for her twin sister Lilith, this was her only episode in the whole series.

Foreign namesEdit

  • El Regreso de Cassandra (The Return of Cassandra) - Spanish dub.