Power xtreme
In the near future, an evil genius, the cyborg Doc Terror, seeks to conquer the Earth. He is assisted by Hacker, the cyborg sidekick and an army of Doom Drones. At each turn their evil plans are thwarted by the heroic Centurions. The Centurions are a team of men dressed in specially created exo-frames that allow them (upon shouting "PowerXtreme!") to fuse with 'incredible' assault weapon systems, becoming what the show calls Man and Machine PowerXtreme!

About Power Extreme WikiEdit

This Wiki is focused about the Centurions: Power Xtreme cartoon series and toyline created by Kenner and Ruby-Spears Enterprises. Feel free to fix typos, add translations, or rewrite articles. Any mistakes that might be made can easily be changed back.



Doom Drones

Extraterrestrial Beings

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