Orbital interceptor

Orbital Interceptor

The Orbital Interceptor is an extra-atmospheric Assault Weapons System usually used for space missions, but was used underwater on some episodes. It has a Multiparticle Missile that forms the nose cone of the shuttle-like backpack that can deliver a large blast radius. It is sometimes combined together with Skybolt's weapons package to give it heavier firepower. The leg attachments of Orbital Interceptor are particle beam emitters that function like tractor beams, as well as fire energy blasts. These can be used to help Ace attract metal objects while in flight, or to allow him to hang on to metal surfaces in zero-gravity. It's also equipped with a chest target scanner, a rear radar homing system, a life support helmet and inner and outer atmospheric

Ace equipping the Skybolt-Orbital Interceptor combination.



  • The underwater use of the Orbital Interceptor could be a reference to the similarities between underwater and deep space zero-gravity environments.

Foreign namesEdit

  • Interceptor Orbital - Spanish dub