Summary: Jake is testing out his new Swing-Shot weapon system with Ace, under observation by Klaus, the designer of the Centurions' weapon systems. Crystal detects activity from Doc Terror in the Andes mountains, and Klaus tells the team that they'll need Swing-Shot's abilities under his observation. Once there, the Centurions fight Terror's robot insects, but Swing-Shot freezes up in the middle of the battle. Blaming himself for the malfunction, Klaus later attempts to find out Terror's plan for himself, but ends up being captured. Terror informs him that he wants an Incan emerald to power his mega-laser that will be aimed at Skyvault. He also forces Klaus to improve his ground-borg designs to use against the Centurions. Fighting against their own technology, the Centurions must stop Terror and rescue their friend. Science Lesson: Hydro-electric power by Max.