Summary: Doc Terror attacks the Navigation Control Centre for the East European sector in Transylvania, wanting to cause air traffic chaos. The Centurions successfully defend the installation, and manage to down Terror's ship in a mountain range. Doc Terror and Hacker escape the from wreckage of their ship and seek refuge in an old castle. There, they find a sarcophagus of Count Dracula, and free him from suspended animation. Now free, Dracula is told of the Centurions, and attempts to defeat them himself by hypnotising Max and using him against Ace and Jake. The Centurions soon regroup and launch an attack on Dracula's castle.

Science lesson: "Bats" by Ace.


  • This is the only episode in the series which features vampires as an enemy.

Pop Culture ReferencesEdit

Superhuman CenturionsEdit

  • Ace and Jake can make a way too high jump to reach a very tall tree branch.

Foreign namesEdit

  • La Montaña del Terror (The Terror Mountain) - Spanish dub.