Summary: The World Council sends the Centurions to protect an anti-matter power plant in Seattle from the international terrorist, Gremlin. But Gremlin has already infiltrated the plant and detonates a bomb, releasing the anti-matter. The Centurions stop the anti-matter from doing any permanent damage, but Max ends up being trapped under the wreckage of the power plant, with Jake and Ace unable to help. Although Max escapes, he leaves the Centurions, blaming Ace & Jake's inactivity during his ordeal. Max accepts an offer to join a temporal research facility which is later attacked by the Gremlin. Max joins up with the Gremlin, hiding him from the other Centurions. Max, together with Gremlin, then ambush the rest of the Centurions. But what is Max's real agenda?

Science Lesson: "Recycling" by Jake.

Error Xtreme: Animation and Script ErrorsEdit

  • When Crystal beams the Skyknight and Cruiser, their names appear on the computer as SKYNIGHT and CRUSER.
  • Although the computer had the Cruiser programmed, by mistake Max recieved the Tidal Blast.
  •  Erroneously in the Spanish dub, Crystal sends Ace the Skybolt as "El Avispón para Ace".

Foreign namesEdit

  • Max Ray: Traidor - Spanish dub