Summary: As the Strafers approach the falling space station, Crystal and John risk turning the computer's power back on to destroy them. In order to free Skyvault's computer from Terror's control, Ace uses the Orbital Interceptor to travel up to Skyvault with Dr. Wu's anti-viralizer ray, avoiding the station's self-defenses after being beamed aboard. Meanwhile, at Gog's island cybernetic hive, Terror has taken the World Council of Scientists prisoner, and shows them Gog's new Triad weapon to fight against the Centurions. Once free, John, together with Max, liberate Sealab using the anti-viralizer. After witnessing the fall of Sealab, Gog proclaims that all humans must be destroyed in order to create a new race of machines. Hacker then informs Terror that Gog has taken over Dominion's systems and is preparing to launch Super Strafers to destroy a nearby asteroid, causing a massive meteor shower over the planet, wiping out all life. Terror, needing humans to make them into cyborgs, rebels against Gog.

Science lesson: "Artificial Intelligence (AI)" by Doc Terror.


  • This episode is second and last time in the series where we saw Doc Terror giving the Science Lesson at the end of the episode.

Error Xtreme: Script ErrorsEdit

  • If Gog is a very intelligent extraterrestrial machine, he'd surely know that a single large asteroid impact would inflict a much heavier damage to life on Earth than causing a meteor shower with the Super Strafers, after all most of the debris would evaporate or disintegrate on the atmospheric entry.

Extracanonical Science Lesson EvidenceEdit

  • Doc Terror gives the lesson in his computer on Dominion. If Dominion was taken over by Gog at the end of the episode and Terror was on Gog's Hive, how did Terror managed to get his way back to Dominion and regain the control of the computer?.

Pop Culture ReferencesEdit

  • In the spanish dub Hacker says "Le juro que no fue Superman" (I swear it wasn't Superman) when the Centurions attack Gog's hive.

Superhuman CenturionsEdit

Foreign namesEdit

  • Hombre o Máquina: Cuarta Parte (Man or Machine: Part Four) - Spanish dub.