Summary: Doc Terror reflects on his past as his partner Hacker while he stows away on board Skyvault and seizes control of the station. Terror boards and begins coordinating his campaign of destruction, ordering Magog to begin full distribution of a vast, unending armada. John Thunder attempts to find a way of saving Crystal and everyone trapped on the station.

Science lesson: "Venus" by Ace.

Error Xtreme: Script ErrorsEdit

Extracanonical Science Lesson EvidenceEdit

  • If Skyvault was under Doc Terror's control, how it was possible for Ace to equip the Orbital Interceptor and be sent to Venus. The Weapon System equipping could be done in the Centurion Academy, but as for sending Ace to Venus it has also its inconsistencies, if we count that both Skyvault and Centurm teleporters were out, and the Centurion Academy's Teleporter would also had its distance limits. Also if the Starfire ship was towed in Skyvault it might be possible that it was also under Doc Terror's control as well.

Foreign namesEdit

  • Hombre o Máquina: Segunda Parte (Man or Machine: Part Two) - Spanish dub.

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