Summary: Doc Terror switches a cyborg for the head of security, Captain Newman, at a secret installation, in order to steal the X-150, a smart missile that never loses track of a target. While transporting the missile, the Centurions come under attack, and Ace is knocked unconscious by a fall. Hacker plants a remote control circuit within his exoframe, so that Ace's movements in battle can be controlled by Doc Terror. Terror attacks again, and manages to steal the missile while Ace's weapons keep firing at Jake. The Centurions later try to get the missile back, but Ace's weapon systems keep firing at his team-mates. The remote control circuit is found, and together the Centurions attempt to destroy the missile as Doc Terror launches it towards Skyvault.

Science Lesson: "Volcanoes" by Max

Foreign namesEdit

  • Problemas de Control (Control Problems) - Spanish dub