Summary: Ace disarms some plane hijackers working for Doc Terror, who is angered by their surrender. Despairing of the failing of humans, Terror blames Amber for selecting the hijackers, and decides to exterminate all of mankind and replace them with robots. Rex Charger is specially recalled from a skiing trip to respond to a distress signal. He discovers that it is Amber, being chased by Hacker and some Strafers. She tells the Centurions that her father intends to destroy all of humanity this time, and that she wants them to stop his mad plan. With her help, the Centurions track him down to a Florida power plant, and discover that Terror intends to use a weather control satellite to create the biggest storm the world has ever seen. With the storm's strength increasing exponentially, it is left to the Centurions to figure out a way of neutralizing it. Science Lesson: Lightning by Jake.

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