Jake Rockwell
Rugged land operations specialist. Being the world's expert on ground maneuvers, Jake is a member of the most formidable fighting force team, the Centurions. In his first attempt, Jake Rockwell shattered all speed and endurance records in the Intercontinental Cross-Country Race. He drives turbo crash cars in demolition derbies on weekends. His specialty is brute force and he's smart in a streetwise sense. He also has a pet dog called Shadow.

The only instance where Jake seems to have a superhuman hability was during the episode "Hacker Must Be Destroyed" where he was able to breath and talk in space without needing a helmet, similar to Ace's constantly seen hability.

Assault Weapons Systems used by JakeEdit

Voice ActorsEdit

  • Vince Edwards (1928-1996)
  • Moises Palacios - Spanish dub