Summary: After Terror's borgs launch a raid to steal an energy enhancing device in Japan, Hacker is captured by the Centurions and put on trial for all his crimes. Hacker refuses to divulge any of Terror's secrets, and after Terror fails to rescue him from the authorities, Hacker is sentenced to life imprisonment on the Alcatraz asteroid prison. Hacker is then allowed to escape, to become bait to lure Doc Terror and his stolen energy enhancer into the open, ready to be dealt with by the Centurions.

Science Lesson: "The Space Shuttle" by Ace.

Pop Culture ReferencesEdit

  • As commonly seen in the Spanish dub of the series, when Hacker contacts Doc Terror on the Alcatraz asteroid prison, he says "Quiero ver al Conejo de la Suerte" ("I want to see the Lucky Rabbit", which is a clear reference to Bugs Bunny).

Superhuman CenturionsEdit

  • When Hacker escapes, the Centurions are outside the asteroid prison without helmets before and after the battle with Terror's forces, also Jake used the Wild Weasel without the space helmet he used in Operation: Starfall.

Foreign namesEdit

  • Hacker debe ser destruido - Spanish dub.