Summary: The countries of Quisto and Montenegro are close to all out war due to a recent attack on Quisto, apparently by Montenegran forces. The Centurions become involved due to the prospect of war threatening to involve the whole world. AceMax and Jake go to Quisto, while John and Rex go to Montenegro, where President Cordano tells them that it was impossible for his country to attack Quisto due to their defenses being run by the DEF-3000 computer. John recons a supposedly abandoned Montenegran base, but is attacked and captured, while Rex is abducted too. They find that they're now prisoners of Lady Fang, who's in charge of the DEF-3000 and wishes to start a war between both countries, from which she'll make a profit as an arms supplier. John and Rex are left to escape from Lady Fang's clutches, and the other Centurions beam to Montenegro in order to prevent a war from breaking out.

Science lesson: "Spider wart plant" by Jake.


  • On the good side, this episode was the first appearance of Rex Charger and John Thunder.
  • As for the villains side, it was the only episode where Lady Fang made an appearance.

Foreign namesEdit

  • Operación Petardo (Operation Firecracker) - Spanish dub.

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