Summary: Ace is asked to pilot a new superjet, the XM-2000, for an air show in Paris, his favorite city. No sooner, the Centurions do arrive than Doc Terror and Hacker stage an attack. The cyborgs are defeated and the Centurions free the officer in charge of the XM-2000 and his assistant. Ace offers to walk the young lady home and during the walk she reveals herself as Amber, Doc Terror's daughter, and kidnaps Ace. When Ace awakens, he finds himself strapped to a mind exchange machine stolen by Doc Terror. Hacker is on the other side and Doc Terror flips the switch, imprisoning Ace's mind in Hacker's body. With Hacker's consciousness, now in Ace's body, Doc Terror can hijack the XM-2000. Ace has to somehow get free, stop Doc Terror and get his mind back into his very own body without getting killed by his fellow Centurions.

Science lesson: "DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid)" by Crystal.

Superhuman CenturionsEdit

Foreign namesEdit

  • Doble Identidad (Double Identity) - Spanish dub