Doc Terror's Dinoborgs


Mutant Unfrozen Dinosaur

The Dinosaurs are extinct reptiles which dominated the Mesozoic Era, they became the top land vertebrates in the Triassic Period 230 million years ago and they became extinct in the late Cretaceous Period 65 million years ago during the K/T extinction event.

Dinosaurs in the Centurions seriesEdit

The Dinosaurs became the "Enemies of the Day" in two episodes of the cartoon series.

Found, One Lost WorldEdit

Both Centurions and Doc Terror found a secret realm where dinosaurs still exist, and it doesn't take too much for Terror to use the giant reptiles as weapons, creating the Dinoborgs.

The dinosaurs are featured in the science lesson at the end of this episode by computer scientist Dr. Crystal Kane.

Terror on IceEdit

During a battle on an Arctic base, a giant dinosaur breaks free of the ice which sealed it millions of years ago, causing destruction on the base, despite of the Centurions efforts to stop it. As the beast walked towards Dominion. Doc Terror decides to capture it to use it as a weapon, but Amber felt sorry for the creature and decided to release it, and the creature breaks out of Dominion with Amber on its hands, heading to San Francisco. After an analysis, a scientists confirms that the dinosaur is a "Mutant Variation of the Tyrannosaurus Rex". Once the Centurions rescued Amber and captured the creature, the dinosaur is released on an island, where it finds an egg with a male mutant T-Rex hatchling. The polar ice caps are featured at the end of this episode by Max Ray, the Mighty Mariner.

Foreign namesEdit

  • Dinosaurios - Spanish dub
  • Dinorrobots / Dino Robots - Spanish dub