Summary: In Dominion, Doc Terror attempts to turn his dog Brutus into a cyborg, but there is a malfunction that halts the mechanisation process while still giving the dog cyborg strength. With this knowledge, Terror creates the Encephalocaster, a device that can control other animals as well as giving them cyborg-enhanced strength. He uses the device on Skyvault and gains control of the space station with the help of Lucy. Once there, he uses the device to control all animals on Earth. As Jake attempts to deal with a Terror-controlled Shadow, Terror and Hacker prevent the other Centurions from beaming to Skyvault. With the Earth under siege by Terror's super-strong animals, the Centurions must figure out a way of getting to Skyvault and evicting Terror as well as shutting his Encephalocaster down.

Science Lesson: "Animals' super-human abilities" by Crystal.


  • In this episode, Max Ray is seen using Jake's Hornet for the first time.

Error Xtreme: Animation and Script ErrorsEdit

  • Due to the use of Jake's Hornet, Max's exoframe was wrongly colored.
  • A script error can be found in the spanish dub, when Crystal sends the Skybolt-Orbital Interceptor combination, she calls it "Combinacion Ráfaga Eter-Interceptor Orbital"

Superhuman Centurions (and Superanimal Pets)Edit

  • As usual, Ace can shout "Power Xtreme!" in space without a helmet prior to his Skybolt-Orbital Interceptor equipping.
  • Shadow's bond with Jake is strong enough to override's Hacker's control, but keeping the superanimal strength.

Foreign namesEdit

  • El Ataque de los Animales (The Attack of the Animals) - Spanish dub.