Summary: Max takes Ace and Jake to the Lake Erie reclamation plant, which he helped to design. Doc Terror decides to attack the plant to cause the Northeast farmlands to wither away, but the Centurions successfully defend the plant from Doc Terror and return to Skyvault. There, Jake is accidentally hit by an experimental sonic beam and experiences a vision of Doc Terror in charge of Skyvault on January 11th, the next day. Jake snaps back to the present and attempts to explain his vision to no avail, with no one else believing him. He goes AWOL and researches a symbol he saw on Amber's uniform in the future, tracing it to Star-Crossed Industries. Discovering that the company is a front for Doc Terror and that they have disguised a shuttle as a hospital ship, Jake must attempt to prevent the future he saw from occurring.

Science lesson: "Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity" (a.k.a. "Time Travel") by Ace.

Science Lesson Edit

Ace tells viewers that the Time Travel theory is not just a concept of books or science-fiction movies, it's based on the Theory of Relativity from Albert Einstein. Time runs slower in a spaceship flying at the speed of light while time on Earth runs faster. Astronauts would take around 60 years to travel across the galaxy and back, but when they return to Earth, the planet will be 4 million years older.

Ace concludes saying that this form of travelling through time will allow astronauts to travel across the universe on their lifespan.


  • The time travel scenario mentioned by Ace is also mentioned in Time-Life's Arthur C. Clarke's book Man and Space, but slightly changed to a travel to Andromeda instead of across the Milky Way galaxy.

Superhuman Centurions Edit

  • Max is able to shout "Power Xtreme!" underwater when Crystal beams him out of the submarine-car before being connected to the Cruiser, and so when he's beamed back with the Tidal Blast.
  • Ace is also able to do the same as Max, this time when he's beamed out to outer space prior to its Orbital Interceptor equipping.

Foreign namesEdit

  • Viaje al Futuro (Travel to the Future) - Spanish dub.