Why Ace McCloud is my very favorite Centurion ever?

1- Because he has a potential scientific knowledge in astronomy and astronautics as well as some other scientific stuff. After all, he's my science teacher on other dimension.

2- He's the strongest, the most noble, the most handsome and the most gentlemanly of all the Centurions and the best one in all the universe too, but also the most arrogant and the most lustful indeed.

3- Of all the Centurions' Exoframes, I like Ace McCloud's blue and silver one best, because it's so shiny and resplendent.

4- He likes all the things that fly and he's a lover of all aerial sports, particularly aviation, ballooning, gliding and parachuting/skydiving.

5- His favorite animal is the peregrine falcon, the world's most rapid bird in flight ever. Other favorite animals are the flying fish, the Antarctic or south polar skua, the snow or white petrel, the weaving bird, the bluebird and hyacinth macaw.

6- His favorite planets are Venus and Uranus, both the only retrograde rotating worlds in our Solar System, and also Neptune, the windiest planet in our Solar System.

7- His favorite city is Paris, France, the City of Lights. His other favorite one is Vienna, Austria, the City of Waltz.

8- His favorite plants and trees are the cattleya orchid, the coconut palm, the cherry tree, the vanilla, the banana and the plantain, the nutmeg, the cinnamon, the pink pepper, the eucalyptus, the pine, the myrtle, the anise, the fennel, the licorice, the ginger, the cloves, the water pepper, the watermint, the peppermint, the spearmint, the wintergreen, the rosemary, the white lily, the Southern magnolia, the Japanese cherry blossom, all the citrus blossoms (orange, orangelo, clementine, mandarin, nectarine, tangerine, kumquat, grapefruit, lemon and lime), the Hawaiian white ginger, the shell ginger, the white ginger, the pink ginger, the red ginger, the pink banana, the lotus, the waterlily, the rose, the lilac, the iris, the violet, the lavender, the carnation, the gardenia, the jasmine, the tuberose, the patchouli, the plumeria or frangipani, the honeysuckle, the lily of the valley or muguet and the frankincense or olibanum.

9- His favorite symbols are the airplane, the glider, the rocket, the spaceship, the blimp, the aerostatic balloon, the kite, the peregrine falcon, the flying fish, the Antarctic or south polar skua, the snow or white petrel, the weaving bird, the bluebird, the hyacinth macaw, the paraglider and the parachute, this last one the most noble of them all.

10- He loves danger in extreme, especially in episode twelve (seven): "Operation Starfall", when he tried to destroy an asteroid bound to hit the San Andreas Fault on his Skybolt Assault Weapon System, risking his very own life!

11- His favorite places are the tops of the skyscrapers, the mountain summits, the airports and airfields, the air carnivals or air circuses, the air military bases, the aircraft carriers, the space bases on Earth and on outer space, the orbital space stations like Skyvault in this case and the aviation and parachuting/skydiving schools.

12- His favorite colors are heavenly blue or true sky blue, electric blue and white.

13- His official flag consists of a deployed snowy white parachute, Ripcord TV show logo of course, the most noble of his favorite symbols, floating on an electric blue background, one of his two favorite colors, which reminds the idea of a beautiful pure white parachute floating on a clear blue sky.

14- His favorite food are all kinds of poultry, particularly chicken wings.                                                                                

15- His favorite place in the world is Antarctica, the frozen continent.

16- His favorite kind of perfume are all the light and airy fragrances.

17- His belonging Chinese element is the gold or metal.

18- His favorite metals are copper because of Venus, uranium because of Uranus and neptunium because of Neptune.

19- Indeed he's strong as a tower of steel and beautiful as a tower of ivory.

20- When this very favorite Centurion of mine ever learn to stop harassing sexually computer scientist Dr. Crystal Kane, while working on the Skyvault's computer, and other girls as well? Everybody knows that sexual harrasment, in and out of the job, isn't really unfair... it's also against the law! So stop it, Flyboy Ace McCloud, just stop it or you'll face fatal and terrible consequences!

21- His favorite mythological animal is Pegasus, the winged horse, sublime symbol of literary creative inspiration.

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