Summary: Jake has Crystal beam Ace back up to Skyvault, freeing him from the giant squid's clutches. Naro tells Jake and Sean that he intends to use the Venus Probe to take over Atlantis and O'Connor agrees to help him. Meanwhile, Max, Jason and Mei Lee escape from their confinement and look for the transmitter room, but are stopped by Diana's troops. Ace returns to Sealab, which engages its new force field to descend to Atlantis' depth. Max, Jason and Mei Lee escape from Atlantis and take Diana with them, but they're soon attacked by her cousin Naro's evil forces. Sean uses the Venus Probe to return to Sealab, where it's soon boarded by Naro and his minions. Jake escapes and beams outside Sealab, where he attempts to get on board. Sean reveals to Ace that he's still really on their side and together, they attempt to regain the control of the base. Now working along with Princess Diana, Max, Jake and Ace try to defeat Naro's evil forces.

Science lesson: "Uranus" by Ace.


  • This is the first episode of the series where a Centurion can use an Assault Weapon System of another one, in this case, Jake using Max's Depth Charger.

Error Xtreme: Script ErrorsEdit

  • At the end of Part I, Ace fainted after being captured by the squid, but he seems to be back to consciousness again as he's struggling to escape the squids clutches at the beginning of part II.
  • How did Ace managed to get to Uranus? The Skyvault's Teleporter has its own limitations with the distances. Also, the Starfire from "Sungrazer" would take too much time to send Ace to Uranus. This distance error was also seen on the science lessons at the end of the episodes "The Sky is on Fire" with Saturn's rings and "Man or Machine (Part II)" with Venus.

Superhuman Centurions (and Superhuman Enemies)Edit

  • The usual superhuman hability of Max Ray: Shouting "PowerXtreme!" underwater without a helmet, prior to his Tidal Blast equipping.
  • During this episode both Centurions, Max and Ace, and Naro's henchmen seems to be immune to the deep pressure underwater.

Foreign namesEdit

  • Aventura en la Atlantida - Segunda Parte (Adventure in Atlantis - Part Two) - Spanish dub.