Summary: Mei Lee and her colleague Jason from Sealab, are exploring a recently discovered underwater trench, the deepest ever found. Their Sea Bubble comes under attack by a giant squid and loses contact with Sealab. Max is sent to rescue them, but also he's attacked and loses contact with Sealab. Ace and Jake are sent to NASA to use the experimental Venus Probe as only the probe that can withstand the pressure at that depth. Meanwhile Max awakens to find himself in the undersea city of Atlantis, ruled by Princess Diana. At NASA, Ace is reunited with his old Air Academy comrade Sean O’Connor, who still holds a grudge against him since they had an argument over an Irish girl. Diana tells Max her civilization has survived for many centuries since the city sank, and that they want no contact with the surface world, so he, Mei Lee and Jason are to remain there forever. Seeking control over Atlantis himself, Diana’s evil cousin Naro attempts to steal the Venus Probe, leaving Ace to defend the ship underwater, where he's soon trapped in the tentacles of the giant squid.

Science lesson: "Undersea pressure" by Max.

Error Xtreme: Animation ErrorsEdit

  • When Crystal is preparing to send the Orbital Interceptor to Ace, parts of the Hornet can be seen on the Teleporter before the camera makes a close up to it.

Superhuman CenturionsEdit

  • As usual, Max can shout "Power Xtreme!" underwater prior to his Depth Charger equipping. Also he has immunity to the deep pressure, also Ace seems to have this immunity too.

Extracanonical Science Lesson EvidenceEdit

  • How did Max escaped from Atlantis? This question comes from the fact that Max  IS IN THE SEALAB.
  • If Ace was on a hurry, Max wouldn't be sent to help rather than give the lesson! This gives plenty of evidence that indicates the science lessons are unrelated to the original continuity of the cartoon "timeline", and it wouldn't be the last time this happens.

Foreign namesEdit

  • Aventura en la Atlantida - Primera Parte (Adventure in Atlantis - Part One) - Spanish dub.