An Alien Affair
Season One, Episode Three
An alien affair
Air date April 9, 1986
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Battle Beneath the Sea
Found, One Lost World

Summary: The Centurions stumble across an asteroid serving as a prison vessel for an energy dependent creature that successfully stows away on Skyvault, and soon taps into it's power, sending it on a direct course for Earth, where he will be unstoppable.

Science lesson: "Comets" by Ace.


  • First episode in the series where the main characters didn't appeared on the episode's title card.
  • It was the first episode in the series where the Centurions had to fight an extraterrestrial enemy, it would pass several episodes later before fighting against alien threats again.
  • It also was the first episode in the series were a Weapon System combination was featured, in this case it was Ace's Skybolt + Orbital Interceptor.

Superhuman CenturionsEdit

  • Ace's is able to shout "Power Xtreme!" WITHOUT USING A HELMET in space prior to his Skybolt-Orbital Interceptor equipping for the first time in the series.

Foreign namesEdit

  • Un Nuevo Enemigo (A New Enemy) - Spanish dub